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In the spirit of childhood joy and the game “I spy" - my latest artworks are small collections of glass, color, and assembled objects. Each piece is made to evoke observation, curiosity, and a lightness of being.


From a silver empire state building that can only be seen under a magnifying glass, an intricate cameo the size of a small pinky nail to the largest Giraffe in a collection of 80 or more Steiff animals! My mom’s collections of jewelry, glass, pottery, Santas, figurines, dolls, art, books, music, and a million other things, were quite overwhelming to some, yet, delightful and amazing to others.

”All things imagined and wrought by humankind” she would say, “are amazing!” Creativity is magic. I wish to honor her with these pieces in hopes of capturing an essence of love, giving, and living a fun and happy life.

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